How to Troubleshoot and Repair Sub Zero Wine Fridge

A Sub Zero wine cabinet cooler is a perfect addition to your kitchen. They keep your wine at the needed temperature and prolong their fascinating, rich taste. They achieve this through air purifiers that purge the viruses, germs, and air molds that can attack your bottles.

They also have the best temperature for a white wine fridge, distinct from other household refrigerators.

With a Sub-Zero fridge, your wine is in the most favorable conditions, and you do not have to worry about the quality of its taste is reduced. They guide against vibrations, sensitive lights, and humid air. Having this wonderful invention in your kitchen is considered a blessing by many.

What do you do if you come back from an outing and your fridge is not functioning properly? This article will explain what could be wrong with your fridge and solutions that could solve the problem.

Troubleshooting and Repair For Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator

If you come home to a refrigerator in need of immediate attention, you can try some of these troubleshooting tips to know where the problem lies. These tips are:

1. Check Your Condenser

A condenser removes heat from your cooler’s interior through high pressure and temperature vapor, dispelling heat and cooling your chiller. The common problem is that condensers have been clogged with dirt. Over time, your condenser coils accumulate dust which disturbs its efficiency.

You can prevent this by cleaning them twice a year to avoid dust gathering on it. To fix this issue, you can check it is not clogged with dirt, and if it is, you should switch off your cooler and clean it with a soft cloth. If you can clean it successfully, your refrigerator should start up immediately.

2. Compressor Issues

Compressors are cooling agents. They supply your refrigerator with coolants and release heat into the air. While you might not be able to fix this on your own, it’s easy to know where the problem is coming from in this scenario.

To troubleshoot a compressor issue, listen for the hum. Apart from thermoelectric wine coolers, most refrigerators make humming sounds. You can move to the back of the cooler and figure out if it’s making a sound. If you hear a sound, you can check your temperature settings to know if it’s in the right direction, and if you hear no sound, you should call a repairman immediately.

3. Check your Door Gasket

Sometimes, the issue is that your door isn’t closed properly, which makes the fridge lose its coolness. If this happens, it is probably an issue with your door gasket. It might be dirty or damaged. If it has dirt piled on it, you can clean it to ensure it closes well. However, if it is damaged, you would have to call a repairer immediately.

Final Words

Another issue that your fridge could have is a damaged temperature sensor. Sub Zero coolers are designed to have varying temperatures for your wines. For instance, white wines are at 49 to 55°F, slightly cooler than the normal refrigeration, while red wine can be stored between 62° to 70°F. However, if these temperatures are mixed up, it is usually due to your sensor. You will need the expertise of a professional to repair it.

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